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Light gray belt with changeable silver horse head buckle

Light gray belt with changeable silver horse head buckle

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Inspired by the noble elegance of equestrian sports, this beautiful belt with interchangeable buckle is a stunning addition to any outfit. Buckle in the shape of a silver horse's head.

Sold in a JUHI gift box.

Belt material:

  • brushed leather

Length x Width:

  • (85x2.5cm) (95x2.5cm) (105x2.5cm) (115x2.5cm) (125x2.5cm) (130x2.5cm)

Belt size from first to last hole:

  • (62.5 - 72.5cm) (72.5 - 82.5cm) (82.5 - 92.5cm) (92.5 - 102.5cm) (102.5 - 112.5cm) (108.5 - 118.5cm)

Buckle Diameter:

  • 3.8 cm

    Buckle Color:

    • silver

    How to choose the right belt size:

    What does length x width mean:

    • this is the total length of the belt from its beginning to its end.


    • the size that you stretch the loops of your pants.

    What does belt size mean from the first hole to the last hole:

    • this is the width of the belt that fits the circumference of your waist or hips. Measure your waist or hip circumference and this measurement should be closest to the second or third hole of our belt. The holes in our belt are always 2.5 cm apart and there are a total of 5 on the belt, which means that we have a span of 10 cm from the first to the last hole.
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