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Tailor-made hobby horse

Tailor-made hobby horse

Tailor-made Juhi hobby horse - foal - From 135 Eur
Tailor-made Juhi hobby horse - adult - From 187 Eur

Would you love to have your own tailor-made hobby horse? Send us a photo of the horse you want to base your equine partner on, and we will create it to your exact specifications. Just like our other products, tailor-made hobby horses all come with lifetime warranties.

Order a tailor-made hobby horse


  • Outer material - 100% PES
  • Filling - 100% PES hollow fibre (Oeko - Tex Standard 100 - l certificate)
  • Mane - 100% acrylic
  • Stick - wood (spruce)
  • Wrap - 100% cotton
  • Strap - polypropylene
  • Carabiner and ring - metal


The dimensions without the stick are 44 x 34 cm (adull hobby horse) or 34 x 28 cm (foal)

Czech product

All our products are Czech made by our employees with disabilities.


We ship the hobby horse as soon as it is made.

Lifetime warranty

If something happens to your hobby horse, just send it back to us in Hluboká. We’ll fix it for free and send it back to your address.

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  • Send a description and photo of the horse

    Send us a detailed description of how you want your horse to look. You can also add a photo of a live horse on which we should base the unique hobby horse just for you.

  • Deposit payment

    We will look at your request, assess how difficult it will be to produce, and send you a price offer.

  • Delivery of the finished hobby horse

    We will start work on your dream hobby horse as soon as the deposit is paid. We will carefully pack your finished hobby horse and deliver it to your specified address.

Why have your hobby horse made by us?

Lifetime warranty

We believe in the quality of our hobby horses and want our customers to be completely satisfied with our product. This is why all our products are covered by a lifetime warranty. If something happens to your hobby horse, just send it back to us in Hluboká. We’ll fix it for free and send it back to your address.

Precision work

Our hobby horses are handmade exclusively from beautiful, high-quality materials. We can tailor make your customized horse with original details, such as Swarovski gems.

Every horse is an original

There are no limits to imagination here. We will make you a hobby horse exactly to your specifications to match the description or photo of a real horse.

Anti-slip wrap

Enjoy control and safety when riding your hobby horse with our 2-metre-long anti-slip wrap. It is glued and stitched twice by hand to prevent it coming loose, allowing you to ride smoothly without any problems.

Longer stick

Do you need to adjust the length of your hobby-horse stick? With our longer stick, it’s easy to adjust the length to ensure your ride is just how you want.

Safety above all

Do you want your hobby horse riding to be safe and fun? Our ample padding protects you when riding, and the sewn-on eyes and nostrils also prevent the swallowing of small parts. The padded ears give your hobby horse a cute look, plus you won’t have to worry about the ears losing their shape after a few rides.

Our own hobby horse attachment patent

With our own patent system for attaching the hobby horse to the stick, you don’t have to worry about your hobby horse sliding or flipping over when riding. The wooden stick also has a safety feature that prevents the pole from penetrating through and out of the hobby horse, so you’re never at risk of injury and every ride will be stable and safe.